Bascule® Gates (Crest Gates)

Bascule® Gates are usually mounted on the crest of a dam and are hinged along the invert. There are several different types, but all lower to open and raise to close.

  • Fully functional in ice conditions
  • Can be fabricated in a number of sections joined in the field to a total of 200’ or more
  • Ideal for flood protection/spillway control

The gate and hinge design provides long-lasting simple operation with resilient side and bottom seals for low leakage and minimal maintenance

Rodney Hunt is your complete source for design, manufacturing, testing, and start up. We will assist you in selecting the right actuation system for your application needs.

Our experienced Aftermarket Services team can provide field service inspection to ensure that your crest gate is installed and operating effectively. We also provide training and start-up support.

Bascule® Gate Design

The Bascule® Gate design features a flat plate that is reinforced with vertical and horizontal members and is fitted with a single torque tube across the invert. The torque tube is supported by bearings along the invert edge of the gate. A hydraulic cylinder, cable drum hoist, or electric motor-driven cylinder is attached to the arm of the gate with a stem for operation.

The drawings presented here show a standard Bascule®Gate, and a typical construction arrangement.