Since 1840, Rodney Hunt continues to be the largest cast iron gate and fabricated gate manufacturer in the world.


Rodney Hunt offers an extremely comprehensive gate line with the ability to adhere to custom-design requirements.


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What we offer

Cast Iron Gates

For submerged applications with high head

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Fabricated Gates

Designed for high performance and long service life

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flap Gates

Designed to withstand stresses from high seating heads and to maintain maximum sensitivity of unseating heads

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Stop logs

Stop logs are typically used to control open channel flow and are installed utilizing a lifting device or overhead crane

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Crest Gates

Mounted on the crest of a dam and are hinged along the invert

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Roller Gates

Roller Gates are often specified for large openings as a control gate on the crest of a dam.

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Radial Gates

To control the flow of water or wastewater over a dam or drainage structure to provide wide, unobstructed openings.

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knife gate valves

Used in underground installation, chamber installation and in sewage and water systems

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After Market

We offer original Rodney Hunt replacement parts for all of our gate products with full factory warranty.

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Our Value


Rodney Hunt is honored to be a valuable part of the U.S. water industry, with decades of critical project experience and a presence on several AWWA committees. Each project has its own unique nuances and we are proud to have learned from each one of them, so we can constantly improve our product in order to continue leading the water control industry.

Made in USA

Rodney Hunt continues to manufacture fabricated gate products at our 180-year-old manufacturing facility in Orange, MA. Our USA Made products give us the ability to comply to certain domestic requirements and give our customers the ability to take advantage of shorter lead times! We welcome you to schedule a factory visit the next time you are in Western Massachusetts.


Our experienced design team works closely with consulting engineers, contractors, utilities, and municipalities to bring you the most suitable solutions for your toughest design needs. We specialize in large design-build gate projects and offer services such as CFD and FEA analysis, seismic calculations, isometric views, and CAD 3-D drawings, along with actuator sizing, stem design loads and anchorage calculations.


We have a nationwide network of long-term Rodney Hunt representatives who have the technical knowledge and project history to support any gate need. Additionally, our field service technician team based in Orange, MA is on stand by to be of assistance. The Orange facility maintains an in-depth inventory of gate hoists, gate stems and covers, operator nuts, brackets, seals, guides, wedges, couplings and other parts.


Our long-standing history provides us with the proper tools to assist in refurbishment, repair, and replacement projects for all Rodney Hunt products. We have the ability to pull shop order files dating back to the 1950s.


As a full-service gate company, Rodney Hunt is committed to providing a superior product to meet all project requirements, compliances, and designs.

Production Facility

The Orange facility is spread over 47 acres and is geared for quick production of gates.The facility also houses a large quantity of spare parts, valves, wall thimbles, cast iron patterns and portable power operators in electric or hydraulic configurations for quick shipment to our customers. We have in-house surface treatment such as blast cleaning and passivation of all parts.
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