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Bonneted Gates (150k)
Designed for precise flow control and high head applications (to 500’). Normally used for regulating flow through the outlet works of dams, bonneted gates are essentially a completely enclosed slide gate that is manufactured to be embedded (except for the actuator) in concrete.
Bulkhead Gates (225k)
Designed as a cost-effective method for dewatering channels, bulkhead gates are custom designed for specific applications. Resilient seal available if low leakage is a requirement.
Fish Diversion Gates
Custom designed and manufactured gates to alleviate habitat concerns.
Hinged Crest Gates (Bascule® and Pelican®) (400k)
Level or flow control gates to create impoundments in waterways, or to increase dam crests.
Jet Flow Gates (162K)
High head energy dissipation for free discharge. Excellent flow regulation with minimum vibration and cavitation.
Mitre Gates
Custom designed for water control in locks and dams.
Multiple Leaf Gates
Fabricated gates used where headroom is a problem.
Roller Gates (155k)
For larger openings (or in high head applications), fabricated roller gates control flow and reduce operating loads. Emergency (gravity) closure, with manual or power operation.
Sector Gates
Vertical tainter gate for flow control in locks and dams.
Slide Gates (365k)
Aluminum or stainless steel for open channel flow control.

Sluice Gates
Available in universal frame, integral frame, self-contained, and Glydaseal designs, the Rodney Hunt sluice gate has gained international acceptance in the water control field.
Anatomy of a Sluice Gate (479k)
Sluice Gate Dimensions (826k)
Nomenclature (650k)
Glydaseal Sluice Gates (570k)

Stop Logs (165k)
Used for level and flow control in open channel flow, extruded aluminum stop logs provide long life and easy handling. Resilient seal available if low leakage is a requirement.
Tainter Gates (200k)
Designed for spillway or open channel flow control, tainter gates are normally used to control the flow of water or wastewater over a dam or drainage structure to provide a wide and unobstructed opening. A variety of “designed-in” and field adjustment features.
Timber Gates (239k)
Economical durable, with unique corrosion-resistant properties.
Tipping Plate Regulators (83k)
Regulates combined sewer flows in sewage interceptor lines.
Velocity Control Gates
Used in screening channels to divide flow between channels or reduce velocity through trash screens or racks.

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